Menelaos Prokos is the lead photographer of A Thousand Clicks Photography. Originally from Athens, Greece he left his home country at the age of 18 to explore the world and learn from it.

Equipped with his passion for travel and photography, he spent the 11 years that followed vagabonding through more than 40 countries on four different continents. He also spent a significant amount of time living in England, China and Argentina.

His photography portrays breathtaking images of cultures, places and events from around the world that only few people have been lucky enough to witness. He focuses on the beauty and power of every face around us and the way people express their passions all around the world.

Various of his exhibitions have been displayed in Greece, Argentina and the USA and is currently working on a number of new projects. He is fluent in English, Greek and Spanish and can communicate comfortably in French and German.

Menelaos is at the moment based in Austin, TX. His main field of work is travel & culture and live music photography.