At a small Colombian village called Sylvia, a man has devoted his life to God. At the Burning Man Festival, lamplighters are the people that perform the task of illuminating the path between the Man and the Temple with lanterns during the night. In Latin America, love knows no age. One person can sometimes make a big difference just by being who they are. In China everyone will do the peace sign with their fingers when they have their picture taken. A proud dancer of the traditional Zamba in the north of Argentina. A beautiful, redheaded model. Brynn is one of the instructors of a local pole dancing fitness group in Austin, TX. Or perhaps something else? A picture is worth a thousand stories. Capturing such joyful moments is a wonderful thing. According to his sign, this Polish man is 'lazy, old and smelly and begs for money for wine and beer'. Such angelic faces are the reason cameras were invented in the first place. When darkness falls in the middle of the desert, fire is the best way to illuminate the night. A baby's curiosity is easily driven towards any direction. A photographer's job is not often easy. Under the spotlight. When attending a Colombian carnival, you should be prepared for anything. A friendly giant. In the middle of a dust storm. When the closest source of water is seventy miles away, your mode of transportation needs to be repaired.